All Services Cancelled this Sunday, Sept 10, 2017 due to Hurricane Irma. Please stay safely indoors.

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For us, there are few things more memorable than that first visit to church.  It's both a homecoming and a new beginning for all of us.  There are so few words to express the incredible joy of that  day and we're more than excited to celebrate yours.  Believe me when I say, we look forward to seeing you in service with us.

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You are cordially invited to any and all of our weekly services but as a courtesy that we extend to our community, we'd love the opportunity to properly introduce ourselves to you and your family. The form below is provided to both help you schedule your first visit to our church and to make sure you get every bit of information about us in which you might be interested.
Our Sunday Mornings start at 10 am in the  main sanctuary for morning worship and the ministry of the Word of God.
Our kids start Sunday morning with Children's Church, an exciting mix of music, worship and the Word arranged specially for our kids. Afterwards they break into their separate classes and engage with the Word of God through lessons, activities and curriculum designed to "train up a child" in the sure wisdom of a Biblical foundation.
On Sunday Nights, we meet again for Sunday Night Evangelistic services. This is a time in which we celebrate our risen Savior in active and expressive worship, praise and music. Pastor Hopkins and our ministry team delivers the Word of God with passion and conviction. We bless our God in the altars and He meets us there.
We meet again in the middle of every week for our Midweek Bible Study, held on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm. This is a time to dive deeply into the Word of God and expose the deeper and more impactful lessons within its pages. Many of our Midweek lessons are taught in multipart series format and we strive to make every series available here on the website. You may also contact our media department
Friday Evening Youth Service is a time for our youth to meet together fellowship, learn, engage and encounter the solid identity that comes with a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

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We'd love the opportunity to introduce you to both our church leadership team and everything we have to offer you and your family as part of our church family. At First Church, we're a fellowship of Christians working to tell everyone we can about a secure life in Christ. Check every box below that you're interested in and we'll have the information sent directly to you via email.

Use this space for any prayer requests you have.

Prayer requests are sent to our prayer team leader and prayed over individually amongst the prayer team warriors. To keep needs personalized and private, each need is assigned to a specific prayer partner rather than by the entire team.

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Let us know a time convenient for you and we can have someone from our outreach team reach out to introduce ourselves and answer any and all questions you might have.


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